Friday, July 19, 2013

The Origins of a Legend

Hola All!  My name is Mr. Flamingo.  I am a world traveler, seeking new adventures and experiences with the assistance of some pretty awesome people.  You can think of me like a traveling gnome, only I'm far better.  You can fill me with any wonderful beverage you desire!  That gnome is just going to judge you for your poor vacation choices, but I'm going to be there for you, ready for you to fill me up!  How in the world did I come to this place in my life?  I'll tell you...

She had no idea what she was giving Miss Bree when she handed over the cup

It all began with a woman, doesn't it always?  This woman had a flamingo chalice that she decided to give with a lawn flamingo to a coworker as a housewarming gift.  She had no idea the things she had set in motion with this simple act of giving.

I went to my knew home where I sat on a shelf for a few months.  My owner, Miss Bree, hadn't seen my value, my potential at that point.  I was a fun, kitschy cup, brought out for occasions that merited a little levity.  But one faithful night, in the middle of winter, someone came along who saw my potential.  Little Annie thought to herself:

This is more than a mere glass...
And she insisted that she take me with her.  I would travel with her on her cross country move, and I would be her party buddy.  She could share her experience and the places she went through me, and I would help connect friends from across the country.  When someone would go on an adventure I would go with them, and they could all come closer because of me (and possibly the booze I can carry within me.  Makes people friendly).  Little Annie took me home that night and since that fateful night in February I have traveled more than 17,390 miles.

These are my stories as told by the people who brought me to life.